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Get to know us

About Landon Construction

Jeremy Landon was raised right here in Central Oregon, and graduated from Mountain View High School (quite a few years ago). Just out of school he started in the construction industry working for his brother Terry, a framing contractor with an outstanding reputation in Bend. Jeremy spent the first few years learning about every phase of the building process from all the contractors on every job site. From concrete foundations to roofing materials he found a love for the whole process and could think of nothing else he would like to do more than build. His deep fascination with carpentry and architecture has driven him to being one of the most educated and successful contractors this side of the Cascades.

In 1995 Jeremy decided it was time to take what he had learned and step it up from framing. Parting ways with his brother’s firm he started Landon Construction, which would offer all phases of building for both residential and commercial projects. Throughout the past 16 years Jeremy has navigated his way through building full custom homes, remodeling projects big and small, custom decks and patios, outdoor living areas, insurance claim repairs from fire to flood, building office or retail space and has even been known to turn a barn into a house and coordinate all the landscaping. There are few places in Central Oregon that one could go and not find themselves admiring a Landon Construction project. And rest assured that Jeremy was there for all phases of each one.

Landon Construction has always, and will always, be owned and operated solely by Jeremy. The scale of a project will never compromise his belief that a personal touch is what is missing in this corporate world and he will never take on more work than he can personally handle. Sub-contractors are of course used by the company, but only those he trusts. They are always going to have to answer to him, and he answers to you. His goal is to build for you, your family, your friends and every person that ever says to you “that is beautiful, who built it?”

A little about the Landons

Since Jeremy was apparently feeling a little too modest to talk about himself, he asked me to do it for him. Crazy idea as it is! We have been friends for over 20 years, he was at my wedding, built the house my family lives in, has always been there for me when I needed him and even employed me when times were tight. This is the least I could do.

When we were a bit younger Jeremy was the one that had it all figured out. He knew that he was going to build this town one nail at a time and has been working his butt off at it forever. His attention to detail and desire to please his clients is to be commended. Taking the time with his clients to make sure they are getting exactly what they are paying for is what separates Jeremy from the average contractor. Over the course of several projects he has spent so much time with his clients that I now am friends with some of them, that says a lot about his work ethic.

That’s enough about work! Jeremy himself is a jovial good-hearted guy who enjoys life and values family and friends. He and Jean have been married long enough now that I can barely remember the wedding. They have two girls that are just the cutest little munchkins one could ask for and together they run an actual “working farm” near Alfalfa. They built the home they are raising their family in and the whole family works that land together, growing and processing grass hay and raising cattle and goats. The Landon ladies are no strangers to work either; they feed the goats, clean the stalls, care for the cattle and help with Landon Construction in any way they can. The little house on the prairie life they live is enough to make me jealous sometimes, but mostly just proud to know them as well as I do.